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Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, France

An Introduction to VeriFast for Java

Jochen Burghardt, Hans Werner Pohl

A Trusted Virtual Security Module

Ronald Toegl, Florian Reimair, Martin Pirker

Key issues / Collaborations

• The LLVM open-source project, developing the front-end Clang used to build the C++ front end, was consulted for advice and for internal aspects of the tool.

• New project proposals queried detailed technical information on the content and planning of STANCE to reuse the future results of STANCE and build on them. These proposals belong to the French ANR, and BGLE programmes or to the European ARTEMIS, ITEA 2 and FP7 programmes.

• Future users of the C++ toolkit queried for the status of current developments within STANCE. These users are eager to analyze C++ code in the same manner as the C code is analyzed today.

• Several projects of CEA-LIST build on the same tools as STANCE and also have partners in common with STANCE. Thus, it is essential to collaborate and cross-fertilize with them, to share and improve the same tools and security-critical applications. An example is the ITEA 2 project OpenETCS aiming at building open-source tools and methodologies for the development of control-command systems compliant with the ETCS standard.