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Press Release

Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, France

An Introduction to VeriFast for Java

Jochen Burghardt, Hans Werner Pohl

A Trusted Virtual Security Module

Ronald Toegl, Florian Reimair, Martin Pirker


Cybersecurity & Privacy Innovation Forum 2015

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Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Forum 2015 taking place from 28th April to 29th April 2015 was a two day event and was organised by the European Commission, DG CNECT (Unit H4 Trust & Security), the Cybersecurity & Privacy (CSP) Forum and supporting projects (IPACSO, TREsPASS, PRIPARE, A4CLOUD, SECURED, ATTPS).


Defined as an Operational Trustworthiness Enabling Technologies, STANCE project was among the various projects represented during the forum with a poster presenting the project and displayed in the exhibition hall (click here to view the poster)




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