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Press Release

Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, France

An Introduction to VeriFast for Java

Jochen Burghardt, Hans Werner Pohl

A Trusted Virtual Security Module

Ronald Toegl, Florian Reimair, Martin Pirker


In 2007, the IATAC (Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center) and DACS (Data and Analysis Center for Software) conjointly produced a comprehensive 400 pages state-of-the-art report on software security assurance (IATAC / DACS, 2007). The report recalls three tenants of secure systems: (a) the ability to resist a majority of attacks, (b) the weathering of un-resisted attacks, and (c) the quick recovery from attacks. This project targets the foremost line of defense (a). The objective of STANCE is to provide a source code analysis toolbox to help verify that software systems are immune to specific categories of attacks.